Golf Cart Wheels

Mirror Finish 5 Spoke Aluminum Golf Cart Wheels

Mirror Image Aluminum 5 Spoke Golf Cart Wheels
5 Spoke  Highly Polished Mirror Image Aluminum Offset Golf Cart Wheels
Our 10x7 highly polished mirror image golf cart wheel looks just like chrome and are far superior to chrome over steel. This wheel is durable, lighter and will not rust. This golf cart wheel has a -1 offset which works great with our lift kits and large tires as well as with low profile tires like our 205/50-10 golf cart tires.
Set of 4 golf cart wheels -- $344.99   [Add to Cart]  [View Cart]


Golf Cart Wheel Accessories

Golf Cart Wheel Chrome Accessories
Chrome Golf Cart Wheel Accessories
4 Chrome Center Caps, 4 Chrome Valve Stems &
17 Chrome Lug Nuts (we send 1 extra because we have found
our customers often lose one on the trails)  
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Low profile golf cart tires to fit this wheel.

Big golf cart tires to fit this wheel.