Mirror Image High Gloss Golf Cart Wheels
Venom Mirror Image golf cart wheels look like chrome - much shinier then other polished aluminum golf cart wheels.  
12x6 wheels with a -1 offset and a 12 spike design.

Mirror Image Golf Cart Wheel
High gloss polished aluminum golf cart wheels with 12 spikes and a 1 inch offset. 
Venom Mirror Image golf cart wheels much shinier then most polished aluminum wheels.
4, 12x7 wheels -- $404.99  [Add to golf cart]  [View golf cart]

Venom golf cart wheels are also available in these styles.
Venom Polished Aluminum Golf Cart Wheel

 Venom Gun Metal Gray Golf Cart Wheels     Venom Black Golf Cart Wheels

Chrome Golf Cart Wheel Accessories
Golf Cart Wheel Chrome Golf Cart Wheel Accessories
4 Chrome Center Caps, 4 Chrome Valve Stems &16 Chrome Lug Nuts$34.99  [Add to cart]  [View cart]