10 Inch Golf Cart Wheel Special
Golf cart wheel pictures and the links below them will give you more information about these offset aluminum golf cart wheels.  The golf cart wheels below work with all our lift kits. 
These wheels fit tires whose size ends in 10.  Examples: 
18x8.50-10, 20x10-10, 22x11-10, 23x10-10, 24x12-10, 205/50-10
General Use 6 Ply Golf Cart Tire 10 inch golf cart wheel specials
22x11-10 General Use 6 Ply ATV Golf Cart Tire
22x11-10 6 ply general use ATV golf cart tire is available alone or
mounted on golf cart wheels.  This tire has a high rubber to void ratio making it is very long
wearing tire.  This tread pattern is puncture resistant & provides a smoother ride then most
ATV tires.  This versatile golf cart tire was designed with an oval profile that combines
moderate traction & easy steering characteristics. Details.

4 Golf Cart Wheels With 14 Spokes With Accents in Gold, Black, Red, or Silver
14 Spoke / Gold     14 Spoke / Black     14 Spoke / Red     14 Spoke / Silver

12 Double Spoke, GTW 4 Spoke, 8 D Window Golf Cart Wheels
GTW 12 Spoke        GTW 4 Spoke         8 D Window