10 Inch Aluminum Golf Cart Wheels
Aluminum golf cart wheel pictures and the links below them will give you more
 information about these offset aluminum golf cart wheels.
The golf cart wheels below work with all our lift kits. 
These aluminum wheels fit tires whose size ends in 10. 
Examples:  18x8.50-10, 20x10-10, 22x11-10, 23x10-10, 24x12-10, 205/50-10

12 Double Spoke, GTW 4 Spoke, 8 D Window Golf Cart Wheels

GTW 12 Spoke Wheels        GTW 4 Spoke Wheel         8 D Window Wheel

Aluminum Golf Cart Wheels With 14 Spokes

14 Spoke Aluminum Golf Cart Wheels with Gold

14 Spoke Aluminum Golf Cart wheel with Black

14 Spoke Aluminum golf Cart wheel with Red

14 Spoke / Silver

DOT Golf Cart Tires
This golf cart tire has a smooth rolling tread design that is Department of Transportation approved for use on roads.  This highway tread is smooth rolling and approved for use on golf courses. Details.