Bullet 5 Spoke Polished Aluminum 12" Golf Wheels

Bullet Golf Cart Wheel in Polished Aluminum
Bullet Golf Cart Wheels With 5 Spokes
Fairway Alloy Bullet polished aluminum golf cart wheel with 5 spokes.
This 12x7 inch wheel has a high quality protective coating.
Bullet wheels have a-1.85 offset (-47mm) offset that works well with low profile golf cart tires
and when mounted on the 22 inch Blade it works with all our lift kits.
Set of 4 Fairway Alloy wheels with chrome accessories -- $324.99  [Add to golf cart]  [View golf cart]

Chrome Wheel Accessories
4 Chrome Center Caps, 16 Chrome Lug Nuts & 4 Chrome Valve Stems Included

Bullet Golf Cart Wheels are available mounted with the below golf cart tires.
Order golf cart wheels above and tires below & they arrive mounted & ready to bolt onto your golf cart.

Low Profile 215/50-12 Pro Rider Golf Cart Tires, 4 Ply. 4 tires $289.99 [Add to Cart]  [View Cart]

Low Profile 225/35-12 EFX Golf Cart Tires, 4 Ply. 4 tires $264.99 [Add to Cart]  [View Cart]

Blade 23x10.5-12 ATV Golf Cart Tire, 4 ply. 4 tires $359.99 [Add to Cart]  [View Cart]

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